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For Government Employees & Pensioners and Beneficiaries of GIA Colleges & Universities of West Bengal

What's New / Coming Up Next

1. SMS Services for Various Incidence of Services under WBHS

2. Online Processing of Hospital Renewal for Empanelment

3. Consolidation of Phaco Plus IOL(Inclusive of Foldable Non Foldable Lens) & Dialysis Bills from Hospital

4. Submit your Query/Grievance by using May I Assist You

5. Doctor Details is available under Hospitals

6. Online Enrolment of Beneficiaries of Grant-in-Aid Colleges & Universities

Finance Department

Government of West Bengal

Directorate of Pension,Provident Fund and Group Insurance

News & Events

Trade Margin Rationalization of Se..... 8(64)2019DPNPPADiv.II
Renewal of Empanelment Period of 2..... 26-F(MED)WB
Enlistment of Jmd Diagnostics Priv..... 17-F(MED)WB
Maximum Ceiling Price Fixed By Npp..... 8(65)-2019-D.P.-NPPA-Div.-II
Enlistment of Specialist Clinic & ..... 15-F(MED)WB