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For Government Employees & Pensioners and Beneficiaries of GIA Colleges & Universities of West Bengal

What's New / Coming Up Next

1. Attention to All Head of Offices

2. Attention to All Drawing & Disbusring Officer

3. Clarification on role of Sub Inspector of School(PE) in WBHS Portal

4. Revised procedure of Enrolment Certificate from Head of Office.

5. Online processing of Reimbursement and Advance Claim under WBHS

6. Online permission seeking for availing treatment outside West Bengal under WBHS

7. Revised Procedure of Empanelment of Health Care Organizations

8. SMS Services for Various Incidence of Services under WBHS

9. Online Processing of Hospital Renewal for Empanelment

10. Consolidation of Phaco Plus IOL(Inclusive of Foldable Non Foldable Lens) & Dialysis Bills from Hospital

11. Submit your Query/Grievance by using May I Assist You

12. Doctor Details is available under Hospitals

13. Online Enrolment of Beneficiaries of Grant-in-Aid Colleges & Universities

Finance Department

Government of West Bengal

Directorate of Pension,Provident Fund and Group Insurance

News & Events

Advertisement Notice For Engaging ..... 129-F(MED)WB
Revision of Bed Entitlement Under ..... 128-F(MED)WB
Introduction of Online Reimburseme..... 127-F(MED)WB
Formation of State Level Training ..... 119(12100) F(MED)WB
Introduction of Online Functionali..... 111-F (MED)WB
852131 Beneficiaries Covered 155 Private Hospitals Empanelled 654 Treatments Ongoing
Details of Training on WBHS in online platform of today
Serial NumberParticularsEligible ParticipantsTimeMeeting IDMeeting LinkLimit of Perticipants(Nos.)
1 Training on G-Meet platform for online reimbursement claiming of WBHS through WBHS Portal Enrolled Employees/Pensioner including Family Pensioner of Government Offices 3.00 pm to 4.15 pm kcm-ktst-bsf 90