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Medical Cell has been constituted under Finance Department (Group-P2),Government of West Bengal for the administration of the West Bengal Heath Scheme.

The Medical Cell performs the following functions-

1. Medical Cell in consultation with the Health and Family Welfare Department, wherever necessary, issues operational guidelines, clarifications etc. for implementation of the West Bengal Health Scheme.

2. The West Bengal Health Scheme Authority (WBHSA), apex policy making body of the Medical Cell, accords necessary permission for performing-

(i) More than two procedures at a time.

(ii) Non package (conservative) treatment where the treatment cost exceeds ₹ 2,50,000.00.

(iii) Human Organ Transplantation.

(iv) Cochlear Implant Surgery.

(v) Implantation of Dual-Chamber Pacemaker.

(vi) Implantation of more than two stents.

(vii) Implantation of more than one Drug-Eluting Stents.

(viii) Implantation of AICD, CRT with AICD, DBS implants, Intra-thecal Pumps, Spinal Cord Stimulators etc.

3. It is compulsory for any Department to consult The West Bengal Health Scheme Authority (WBHSA), apex policy making body of the Medical Cell before according permission for treatment in Speciality Hospital outside the State subject to certain exceptions.

4. Medical Cell fixes the approved rate for various surgical procedures and investigations from time to time.

5. It is empowered to empanel Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Institutions, Clinics, Laboratories, and Diagnostic Centres within the state and classify them into Class-1 and Class-2 service provider on the basis of facilities available there.

6. In case of cashless treatment, the HCOs submit the whole bill to the Medical Cell. Medical Cell checks and fixes the admissibility of the claim submitted by the HCOs and makes payment of HCO’s claim upto ₹ 1,00,000.00. It also issues CARC for the reimbursement of the claim of the Employee/ Pensioner over and above HCO’s claim of ₹ 1,00,000.00.

7. Medical cell acts as an advisory body in respect of any other Health Scheme implemented by the Govt. of West Bengal.